Let's keep it simple. You want great photos. I take great photos. Simple!

so.. will i really be shot by a ferrett?

Yes my name is Anna Ferrett! I'm local and love it

I love our beautiful country and can't wait to show you my favourite spots for incredible photos. If you have a location in mind for your photos I've likely been there and if not let's explore it together or let me choose the perfect place for you.

I know my equipment, I know the best locations on the Gold Coast and I know how to put you and your family at ease. All of this adds up to great memories of your holiday or day out, and you'll never need to pick up a camera.

I've shot everywhere from Mount Tamborine to Pottsville Beach and Fraser Island and most places in between. I've shot lava from a helicopter in Hawaii and starry nights in the Californian desert. Find out more about me on my personal blog.

I've been shooting professionally since 2002.

Almost 15 years to be exact.

I think 'portrait session' sounds stuffy - we like to call them 'photo outings'. I want you to have fun, relax, play with your kids, kiss your partner, eat, drink and be merry but mostly just forget I'm there. Sure I'll take some posed shots but the best photos, the ones you'll love, will be the ones you don't know I'm taking.

So how do we keep it simple for you?

Book and Pay Online pay online with Paypal or credit card
Do It Yourself you can have images as shot or I will make you masterpieces
Spend An Hour Or A Day your photo outing can last as long as you need
I've Been Everywhere I'll meet you almost anywhere in the Gold Coast or Brisbane areas

Choose a photo outing below or let us tailor something special for you.


1 location from our list
72 hour digital image delivery
'Super Simple' editing
see FAQ for more


choose your own location
48 hour digital image delivery
'Really Simple' editing
see FAQ for more


choose 2 of your own locations
24 hour digital image delivery
'Simply Terrific' editing
mini photo book & images on USB
see FAQ for more


Hire us by the hour for parties, family outings, group day trips or events. Contact us for a tailored quote.
see FAQ for more

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have contacted us to make a booking we will send you an invoice online. You can pay this with your Paypal account, via credit card on the PayPal site (no PayPal account required), by Direct Deposit or pay in cash at your outing.
We really like to keep fresh images online as much as possible; this is the only way to promote our business and show people what great images we can take! Please discuss any reservations you may have with us before your photo outing. Generally we will choose a small selection of photos from your shoot that you look super in - so don't worry you'll look great! I'll let you know in advance also which photos I am using.
Your images will be provided in high resolution for your personal use (this basically means you can make any prints or whatever you want for yourself and your Nanna but you can't sell one to Coca Cola for a commercial use). I delete anything that does not meet a professional standard and the rest will form part of your set. Of course there is some commonsense and professional discretion involved in this. If I take 10 shots of the same grouping and 9 turn out, you will probably get the 3 best ones. There is no set number of photos taken, every single photo outing is different. If you have 6 kids and spend a day with me sightseeing, you are likely to receive more photos than a couple who grab a quick half-hour photo outing on the beach. The amount of editing I do is entirely up to you and which package you choose. We retain copies of your final set but recommend you do your own backups for peace of mind.
You can book me for an hour or a week, this is up to you. If you can only squeeze in a quarter hour of time I can meet you at a beach or park for a quick portrait session, or I can come for a full day of your holiday or family outing. The choice is yours. I do not stick strictly to time limits I'm there to get great photos and I stay until I get photos I am happy with and that you will love.
Again this is entirely up to you and the package you choose. We have a selection of preferred locations for our 'Super Simple' package; there is bound to be one near your home or holiday accommodation. For our other packages anywhere within an hour's drive of Surfer's Paradise is usually included. Please ask for more information as I will travel outside this area for a small fee. If you are travelling from overseas or interstate let me know what you'd like to experience on your holiday and we can create a photo outing just for you, with sun, sand, parks, wildlife, rainforests or anything the coast has to offer.
We like to keep it simple and we know you do too. We can refer you to some great places online that make books and prints at great prices and are super easy to use that we use for our own photos, and I can't compete with their prices! What I would have to charge you for my time, talent and labour to make these products is more than most people are happy to pay. Having said that, if you really do need the help and are happy to pay, I will make books, prints and other items for you or help you learn to do it yourself (teach a man to fish etc..). There is never any sales pressure from me to buy more after your photos are taken.
Absolutely. Just don't ask me to photoshop Miley Cyrus off a shirt in fifty photos after the fact (real-life example :) ). Take some time to think about how you look and present yourself looking like you and feeling comfortable in 'the skin you're in'. Your photos WILL look better if everyone is wearing similar colour tones and clothes that fit really well and are comfortable. You will love your photos if you look like you EXPECT to look. The day of your photos is not the day for a radical haircut or a total change in outfit style. Our philosophy on editing is: we want your photos to look as amazing as possible, but we keep it REAL and we get it right in-camera so we can limit our editing to a minimum. Feel free to ask us over the phone or via email for advice on clothing choices.
Our philosophy on editing is this: we want your photos to look as amazing as possible, but we keep it REAL and we get it right in-camera so we can limit our editing to a minimum.

'Super Simple' editing is just that: I shoot your photos then correct the colour and exposure and save them at full resolution.

'Really Simple' editing adds some colour enhancements so your prints pop, and includes a set of websize photos.

'Simply Terrific' editing adds whatever cropping, cloning or other adjustments I feel are needed for your images to go straight from your hard drive to a fantastic wall print or book page without any further changes. We also include a set of full resolution black and white, and a set of websize photos. Ask us for more details.
When your photos are ready I will email you a download link to a 'zipped' folder of your images. This will contain all of your images in high resolution and a list of some great suppliers. If you are unable to receive this for some reason a USB stick of images can be posted to your home or accommodation for an additional fee, and is included in some packages.
I think 'portrait session' sounds a bit stuffy. I want to come out with you somewhere while you have some fun, relax, play with your kids, kiss your partner, eat, drink and be merry and forget I'm even there. Be happy! Sure I'll take some posed group shots but the best photos, the ones you will love, will be the ones you don't know I'm taking. Where you are just being yourself.
I'll pretty much shoot anyone who gets in front of my camera. I just love babies; they smell so nice and they are so squishy! Yay! The 'Really Simple' or above packages apply to babies and I am happy to come to your home to do a baby shoot. I am also experienced in maternity and birth photography and can provide you a customised package for this experience on request.
There was a time, long passed, when I went out every weekend and shot 2 weddings :O. I was busier than a bumblebee at a florist's convention. That time has passed of my own choosing. However, as they say, everyone has a price and if it was right, and the moon and stars aligned perfectly, I *might* just shoot your wedding. Twist my arm.
Absolutely. You can book and pay in advance and decide on your location and time when you arrive if you wish to suit your schedule. I'll be happy to give you any help you need to plan a magic photo outing with your family or group that will make your time in Queensland unforgettable.

ready to be shot by a ferrett?

Call 0413122680 or email anna@ferrett.com to plan your perfect photo outing